Psychedelic therapy is gaining popularity

The Healing Potential of Psychedelics as a Therapeutical Tool

More and more people are microdosing, going to psychedelic retreats, and experimenting with psycho-active substances. For many people, their goal is not to get high, not to experience a certain state of mind, but to tap into the potential of psychedelics as a tool for personal development and growth.

Like a telescope can help unveil the sky so can psychedelics help unveil our innermost desires, our life purpose, our path ahead. By establishing a deep contact with our emotions and revealing our subconscious patterns,  they show us why we have become who we are and help lift symptoms of depression and anxiety.

However, such radical, mind-bending experiences can in some cases leave you confused, anxious and unable to figure out how to comprehend and integrate your newly discovered truths.


Talk to a Psychotherapist about Psychedelic Integration Therapy

This is where comes in. As a psychotherapist within the psychodynamic field, I offer free online therapy – to help you deal with the aftermath of a life-changing trip. This is called psychedelic integration therapy. And you heard right – it’s free. I feel compelled to help people troubled by the revelations of psychedelic trips, and I think it’s important that all people regardless of financial wealth have this opportunity.

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When that is said, I’m doing this as a full-time endeavor. So any contribution would be much appreciated. Not only are you supporting the assistance offered through this site, you are also contributing to getting the word out on the healing potential of psychedelics. Finally, you are supporting me in getting my book Psychedelic Therapy – in Theory and Practice published. Lets heal the world together.

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Finally, a Word of Warning

Psychedelics are not to be taken lightly. If used carelessly under the wrong set and setting, they can lead to terrifying trips that can cause trauma and depression. That is why, I don’t encourage people to just dive into psychedelic therapy. On this site, harm reduction and accurate information is the primary focus as well as psychoterapeutical support to those challenged by the aftermath of a psychedelic trip.

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Here you can book a free online consultation via Skype or Facetime. If you would rather meet in person, that can be arranged too. However, bear in mind that my private practice is located in Copenhagen, Denmark – see the About Page for the address.

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