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What is psychedelic integration therapy?

Psychedelic integration is what happens after a psychedelic journey. It is all about how you apply your newly discovered revelations to everyday life. How do you return to normal life after the deep emotional, mental, spiritual and physical impacts of the altered state of consciousness.  It is sometimes a very challenging and confusing process, because a lot acknowledgements and adjustments need to be made in order to follow your true path and gain inner balance and harmony. That is why, I offer free online integration therapy for those in need. 

Integration is the last stage of four in the psychedelic therapy process. For more information, see the graphics below.

How does psychedelic integration therapy work?

Psychedelic integration therapy is a non-judgmental, curious, and emotionally supportive process, where we investigate your previous experiences in an altered state. What exactly happened? What did you see? What did you feel? What did you think? On this basis we explore what it all means and your possible next steps. It is a space to process the experience, atttain new information, explore your options, learn new insights, find meaning and words for inexplicable visions, understand your anxiety, and transfer the insights into concrete steps in everyday life. The integration process help you heal, grow, and find your purpose. My role as therapist is to witness and affirm your experience as well as fascilitate a healing process where you yourself find the answers. 

The Four Stages of Psychedelic Therapy - Prepare, Discover, Conceive, Integrate



Called preparation, the first stage of psychedelic therapy happens before a psychedelic trip. This is where you ask yourself:  What is my deepest, most powerful motivation for doing the trip? What am I hoping to get out of it? Examples could be: I wish to change a certain behaviour. I wish to gain a better understanding as to where my fears come from. I wish to heal a specific relationship. I wish to be be able to forgive another person. I wish to establish a deeper connection with my spiritual side. Often there are multiple such reasons, but try to identify one that resonates best with you. Using meditation while figuring this out is highly recommended. Have any questions regarding the preparation of a psychedelic trip? Don’t hesitate to book a free consultation or contact me with any question.

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The second stage of psychedelic therapy happens during a psychedelic trip. This is where you discover powerful new revelations about yourself, other people and the world. You see a new perspective on life – sometimes through vivid otherworldly imagery, symbols from another time period or through re-experiencing long forgotten memories. The stage can also be less dramatic visually and simply invoke a new understanding or feeling of who you really are and why. It can be a confusing, anxiety-laden experience or a blissful state of one-ness or anything in-between. The experience will be heavily influenced by set and setting. People seeking help in this stage are advised to seek a tripsitter, who can be physically present, supportive and provide comfort and a calm setting.



Conceiving is the thirdstage, which happens after the trip. Here you begin to think about what just happened, and what it means to you. You may start to accept your newly found perspective and be filled with excitement or you may instinctively reject it, because it clashes too heavily with your self-image. Whatever the case may be, your understanding of your self and the world is changing, and that can be a daunting and confusing time. If you are stuck at this stage, Psychedelic Therapy is here to help you make sense of it all.

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Integration is all about applying the revelations of the previous two stages to your daily life. What do you need to do for your life to align with your newly discovered truths? Are there relationships you need to focus on, words that need to be said, people to let go of, friends or family to forgive, or priorities that need to be shifted? These questions are hard to figure out, and demand much courage to put into motion. Fortunately, Psychedelic Therapy is here to help.

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