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My upcoming book

Psychedelic Therapy - in Theory and Practice

Psychedelic Therapy – in Theory and Practice is an upcoming book by Anthropologist and Pscychotherapist Lasse Sandgård Pallesen about the tremendous potential of psychedelics for personal development and growth.

The book is based on the basic belief that all humans at their base level are immensely social, creative, and loving beings capable of experiencing and expressijng all emotions – anger, happiness, sadness, disgust, and sexuality much more intensely than we think we are. Through maximum contact with all emotions, we fullfil our true potential – to love and be loved, to be creative, and to be present in the now. 

What keeps us from getting into contact with these emotions in their most powerful manifestations is anxiety. In childhood we’ve learned to compromise or maybe even shut out certain emotions because they were too frightening. We need to feel and face and overcome this anxiety to reach the intensive emotions buried underneath.

Often we don’t even notice our anxiety. Defence mechanisms such as avoidance, rationalisations. and projections prevent us from getting into contact with our anxiety. These defences are the lies we tell ourselvess – our deceptive ego holding us back.

Through psychedelics, these defences are revealed to us in the most profound ways. In the psychedelic state, we become aware of these defences which masks our fear, which then masks our emotions.

This book explores these dynamics in great detail, revealing how psychedelics can be an immensely useful tools for personal growth, for realising our true potential, for being reunited with our true selves.

Get Involved: For my book, I’m currently collecting anecdotal reports from people who have had such profound psychedelic experiences.

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